For over 25 years, EF Education First has been working to change the way people see the world in China and how Chinese children learn English. With a unique teaching approach focused on developing soft skills, we produce confident English-speaking children and teenagers who have the tools to succeed academically and in life.

During this quarter-century, EF Kids & Teens has become the biggest and fastest-growing product for EF in China.

There has never been a dedicated brand identity for Kids & Teens — until now. For 12 months between 2018 and 2019, various Kids & Teens teams around the world collaborated with the Global Creative Studio to create a new way of doing things. This effort will help elevate the product’s status as the premier English learning platform for children and teenagers in China.

This is the new brand identity for EF Kids & Teens. It has been crafted from top to bottom, including a new logo, a new color palette, a new typographic approach and a new unique identifier: the building block.

This is the new way for whole child education to appear for EF in China.

Brand Story

Learning English with EF Kids & Teens means learning word by word, sentence by sentence — block by block.

This process of language learning is best achieved by starting with EF Kids & Teens at age 3. By learning, playing and working towards building a metaphorical tower of knowledge, students graduate at 18 with expertise in the English language. While learning English with EF, children’s entire academic breadth grows, as they develop new skills, build their confidence and have fun.

Our new brand identity reflects this idea of building a future that combines a desire to learn with an appreciation of playing. It is bold, bright, modern and flexible. EF’s international platform is a big draw for parents across China, Russia and Indonesia. We were inspired by mid-20th-century Scandinavian wooden toys for the main graphic device for the brand: the building block. This graphic hints to our European heritage.

Each block within the EF Kids & Teens brand identity represents another learning milestone that children earn. By understanding grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing, listening and speaking, their tower of knowledge grows. The visual language is an umbrella brand that encapsulates four age groups (Small Stars 3–6, High Flyers 7–10, Trailblazers 11–14 and Frontrunner 15–18). It works to tell the whole story of learning English with EF: As a young person grows through the different age categories, they build blocks of knowledge.

The visual language for all of the products, campaigns and initiatives that exist as part of EF Kids & Teens is inspired by the new brand identity. They all work together to communicate the idea of a holistic learning experience for kids and teens — in the classroom, on the computer and in real-life situations.


EF Education First is the world’s leading education company, focused on academics, travel and cultural exchange. Founded in Sweden in 1965, EF is still family-owned and has established over 600 schools and offices in over 50 countries. We are proud to count ourselves amongst the first, and now one of the largest, English schools in China. Our international presence provides a vast network and support system for our customers and for our staff to grow.


Human connection is at the heart of EF. By bringing teachers, staff and students together — whether in our schools, online or abroad — we build communities and help people understand each other. Step into any EF school, and you will meet one of nearly 50,000 dedicated EFers behind our success. They are highly qualified, caring and possess a true passion for their profession. With great teachers at our core, our goal is to ignite our students’ love of learning. The moment of truth for EF is when a student meets a teacher.


By bringing together the best of in-classroom and online teaching, we strive to create the best and fastest way to learn. Over twenty years ago, EF and Apple started work on the language school of the future. Since then, we have relentlessly continued to innovate and lead. Today, our EdTech lab is on the cutting-edge of technology, education and design. We use advancements in tech to create more effective ways to learn. We believe in the power of design, and we strive to make everything that surrounds our students special so that the magic of learning can happen.


Our experience with millions of students over our 50+ year history has led to in-depth expertise in education, pedagogy and learning engagement. Through our exclusive partnerships with distinguished universities, including Harvard, Cambridge and Beida, we conduct research on accelerated language learning, cultural understanding and advanced linguistics. Our thought leadership extends to EFSET, a free worldwide standard English level test, and the EF English Proficiency Index (EF EPI), a global benchmark on English ability by country.


We work hard to earn the trust of our community by providing quality products, being a good employer and giving back. With over 20 years of experience in China, EF prides itself on taking a long-term view.

Our #1 priority is customer value, not short-term shareholder value. We are committed to ensuring the most enriching careers for our teachers and staff, and to the societal development of China through our community activities, including partnering with the Olympics, training China’s rural teachers and volunteer teaching. Our pledge is to help China connect globally by helping to develop citizens who can communicate on the world stage with confidence and compassion.