Our logo is the cornerstone to our brand identity, the most important identity element we have and the thing that all products have in common the most.

Logo origin

In the early 1990s, EF contracted Paul Rand, designer of some of the best known identities and brand systems in the world to design a new logo for us.

Philip Hult met with Rand to discuss the project. Known to be a bit brash in his interpersonal relations, Rand proclaimed, “I’ll only design one version of your logo. Because the one I give you will be perfect. And I won’t change it. You pay me half up front, and half upon delivery.” To which Philip replied, “If you won’t change anything, why don’t we just pay you all up front?”

The EF logo: originally designed without 'Education First' underneath.

Despite his stance, Rand enjoyed the project so much he ended up designing 5 logos for EF, of which this was the clear winner. The instantly recognizable ‘EF’ and its rings has been the consistent cornerstone of our brand identity ever since.

Before our involvement with Rand, our logo had been through some changes over the years. Here are the most drastic variations from the 1960s – 1990s.

1966 – 1967

1968 – 1979

1980 – 1987

1988 – 1994

EF Logo Pack
EF Education First Logo file

Logo meaning

Rings = Communication

There are two relevant ideas captured in Paul Rand’s logo: the first is communication, represented by the custom, hand drawn rings.

Communication; noun: The imparting or exchanging of information by speaking, writing or another medium.

Angle = Travel

The second idea embodied by the EF logo is travel, represented by the angled italic letters at 11.5°: they are in motion, they’re travelling.

Travel; noun: The action of travelling— “My job involves a lot of travel”.

In use

In all instances where the EF logo is out of context, the ‘Education First’ text is fundamental to communicate what we do. The EF Pro Cycling Team is a good example of this. The majority of customers who invest in EF products receive a bounty of swag for their tour or course. A simple logo application reinforces brand trust, especially if that item is functional.

The 2019 EF Pro Cycling kit: The EF logo takes center stage.

On backpacks for our travelling customers.

On lollipops for our Tour Directors.

On swag for customers and staff.

The backpack is EF’s symbolic thing that represents what we do. Therefore, applying the EF logo on a backpack helps reinforce this idea. For group leaders on tours around the world, having a clear and identifiable mark that our customers can remember and gravitate towards is also essential, and our logo is unmissable in these cases (and, the pink helps).

Safe area

It’s important to give the logo room to breathe so it can effectively communicate and stand out. Any closer to the edges and the logo will feel squashed and cramped – nobody wants that!

(✕) = 50% of the height of the EF logo.

Half the height of the EF logo (✕) represents the safe area around the logo when placing it next to other key elements on the canvas.

There should be some flexibility as to where you can place the EF logo on any given canvas. Please refer to these positions, and utilise the best placement option for your particular design.

Top left

Top middle

Top right

Bottom left

Bottom middle

Bottom right

Logo sizes

One of the things we’ve worked out among all of these logo rules is the minimum size for particular use cases of the logo — which now exists in a responsive state.

[a] Normal use

Print → 16mm+ Digital → 60px+

[b] Small use

Print → 8–15mm / Digital → 30–59px

[c] Tiny use

Print → 3-7mm / Digital → 10–29px

[a] Normal use on desktop marketing website.

[b] Small use on mobile marketing website.

[c] Tiny use within Social media avatar.

Dos & Don'ts

The EF logo can be used on a variation of backgrounds and in our preferred colors (more about Color guidance here). The primary, correct uses of the logo are listed here, along with the strict don'ts below.


White on blue 

White on First Blue 

White on Hello Pink 

Education Blue on White 

First Blue on White 

Hello Pink on White 

White on Ink Black 

Ink Black on White 

Ink Black on Education Paper 

Ink Black on First Paper 

Ink Black on Hello Paper 

Ink Black on Outdoor Paper 

Ink Black on Legal Paper 

Ink Black on EFEFEF Gray 

White on Dark Photograph 

Ink Black on light Photograph 


Ink Black on Education Blue 

Ink Black on First Blue 

Ink Black on Hello Pink 

Hello Pink on Education Blue 

First Blue on Hello Pink 

Hello Pink on First Blue  

Education Blue on Ink Black 

First Blue on Ink Black 

Hello pink on Ink black 

White on Education Paper 

White on First Paper 

White on Hello Pink 

White on Legal Paper 

White on Outdoor Paper 

White on EFEFEF Gray 

White on EF Paper 

White on light photograph 

Ink Black on dark photograph 

Outlining the logo 

Shadows or glows of any kind 

Tilting the logo on random angles  

Squeezing the logo 

Altering the scale of 'Education First' 

Altering the ratio of the logo 

Stretching the logo 

Changing the typeface of the logo 

Altering the ration of 'E' and F 

Altering the orientation of 'E' and 'F' 

Adding reflection to the logo 

Putting the logo inside a ring 

Putting the logo inside a box  

Putting the logo inside a shape 

Designing graphics to interact with the logo 

Using the rings to add color to the logo 

Having characters interacting with the logo 

EF Paper on White 

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EF Logo Pack
EF Education First Logo file