Lockups establish an immediate visual hierarchy and consistency across touchpoints – an important unifying feature for the EF brand.


Our new Lockup system effortlessly spans the aesthetic distance required between our academic and adventurous products. At once clearly modern and industrial, romantic and authentic, the Lockup has a purposeful, machine-made aesthetic.

EF Languages Abroad, EF’s first-ever product.

Product name space: 3 lines max!

Tracking: 125pt

Typeface: EF Circular Black (caps).

Lockup: specifics

The new Lockups utilize the 11.5° slash in a new way. It’s weighted the same as the typography to bring this machine-made feeling to life. The Lockups easily accommodate varying character counts and translations.

Product names work best across two lines for optimum balance and integrity. There is a maximum of three lines allotted for the product name — any more and the lockup will become imbalanced. Similarly, single-lined product names can also look imbalanced. Please get in touch if you’re dealing with of these cases! We’ll talk it through and figure out the best lockup.

The white space in the EF logo has been calculated into the distance between the 11.5° slash, logo and product name (it appears closer to the logo on purpose). This non-geometric adjustment further balances the composition.

There is no leeway for combining weights of typography between thin slashes and thick lettering. An industrial machine created to produce name badges wouldn’t have the ability to do this, for example, so neither do our Lockups.

Applied in print

Brochure covers across multiple products are being standardized, with color bands in the top 20% that go right to the top edge and the Lockup placed in the top left-hand corner. The rest of the space on the cover is reserved for product expression, taglines, headlines, violators (etc.).

The brochure display is important for EF — not only as an internal sorting system but also in our sales offices the world over.

By adopting a more simplified, uniform system with consistency in terms of layout, we will be one step closer to brand harmony across the EF product landscape.

Descriptors & qualifiers

A lot of products need to lock up additional information to their Lockups. It’s totally meta. We have a system for that — whether the need is for:

Descriptors: To add further context to what the product is.

Qualifiers: To communicate who the product is for.

Taglines: For increased marketing awareness purposes.

EF Educational Tours with descriptor.

Descriptors & qualifiers space: 2 lines max!

Typeface: Circular Medium (Title case).

Distance below product is equal to distance from slash.

This space is reserved for THE most important messages that need communicating. It’s not a space that can house interchangeable phrases or superfluous text, but rather the official information that some products require to provide more context to their customers. Do not abuse this space.

Sans ‘Education First’

The eagle-eyed among you may have noticed that the ‘Education First’ has been omitted from all Product Lockups. That’s not by accident, and there are a few good reasons for this.


All products are named in such a way that they immediately provide context of the offer, e.g., ‘EF Languages Abroad’. This is what ‘Education First’ does underneath the monogram (‘EF’ is our company name, ‘Education First’ contextualizes it). Therefore when the logo and product are locked up (‘EF’ + ‘Languages Abroad’), there is no need to add a double dose of context.


From a design point of view, it’s all a bit cluttered when ‘Education First’ is in the mix of a Product Lockup. There are just too many layers of information, and by de-cluttering we can communicate quickly and efficiently.

Product family lockups

All across EF, products are brought together in a uniform and consistent way. Lockups establish an immediate visual hierarchy and consistency across touch points. This is an important unifying feature not only on an individual product level but also on a global scale, making it among the most vital of brand tools for EF.

Lockups and Translations

Across many products, translations are required for products that cross multiple territories around the world. The Product Lockup has been designed in a way that is considerate of this issue, and in print and digital is flexible to translation requirements.

EF Product Lockup Pack
EF Caps and Print Lockups

Lockups in Digital

Digital: Fluid Lockup

Online considerations change how the Lockups work. In the Fluid Lockup, the product name is always within proximity of the EF logo, which makes the use of ‘Education First’ with the logo redundant. However, the position of the product name (with the logo always centered) will change depending on device and browser screen size.

Digital: Fixed Lockup

For some products, this Lockup variation should be used in a digital setting only. It’s based on the Print Lockup, but with larger type for increased legibility at smaller sizes.

Extended & Condensed headers

Both the Fluid and Fixed Lockup are used in the headers supplied in the EF UI Design Kit. Products that use the Fluid Lockup should refer to the Extended headers in the EF UI Design Kit. Products using the Fixed Lockups should use the Condensed Headers.

EF UI Design Kit
Our EF Design system
App Lockup

EF appears as a unified brand in the App store by following simple naming and icon guidelines. For strong brand recognition, the EF logo always lives in an ‘undipped’ area, paired with a ‘dipped’ section that holds the individual app graphic.

By partitioning the space, we allow for expressive individual icons that exist as part of a cohesive and strongly branded suite.

Home screen

Example of an app icon on an iPhone.

App store

Example of an app icon inside the app store.

Marketing apps are lead-generating (conversion tools that generate awareness of and interest in EF and our businesses). They provide value to general users, whether they know EF today or not. Because we need to be discovered, marketing apps should include relevant search terms. Member apps are tools for customers, used by EF members (students, teachers, staff) during their interaction with the company. Since we directly ask people to download these apps, using searchable terms in the name is not as important.

EF App Icon Template
A standardised design for our app icons