The printed G.U.D. is here!

There is a limited first run of 100 pieces to go around. If you are not part of a creative team or your manager did not receive info from us send us an email and we can start the discussion on how many your team can receive and what costs are involved.

September 6th 2019
EF UI Design Kit 1.2.2

A bunch of improvements, new atoms, components and support for Chinese characters. Make sure to download and update your file.

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September 6th 2019
UI Design kit survey!

To help us learn how we can improve the UI Design Kit and design resources, we need your feedback. Take 5 minutes to give us your input.

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August 13th 2019
New G.U.D. site!

Welcome to our new home for everything G.U.D. Have a look around and let us know what you think!


Tools for Expression

It is important to have the right tool for the job. Here are some that work well across the EF product spectrum.

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EF’s Design System

The UI Design Kit lays the foundation to help us work towards a user-friendly and beautiful digital EF experience.

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Latest brand assets

Your source for the latest and greatest assets. The library is always expanding, check back for updates.

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